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January 22


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​        Hotshot walked around for what seemed like hours, but felt he wasn't getting anywhere. I feel like I'm just heading around in circles! Tree after tree, every turn looking like another, but HotShot kept walking. I can't transform, and this is taking too long! Hopefully someone comes by soon... looking down at the Saber Sword, HotShot thought about what Fairy last said.

​        “But HotShot you are a hero!... May fate lead our paths to meet again...”

​        “But what did she mean!?” HotShot yelled out in frustration. Punching a near by tree, he heard a strangely loud snap. Upon hearing the snap, he looked at the tree. The tree looked brittle and withered, and took more damage then HotShot intended. I didn't cause that much damage did I? HotShot looked at the tree as it was falling over. Optimus would be more then disappointed... the moment the tree smashed into the ground, A bunch of tiny Transformers came out of hiding and ran from HotShot. Mini-cons!? He thought as he watched them run.

​        “Hey, wait! I'm a friend!” he yelled to them, but they all left him. Almost giving up hope, HotShot returned to the tree and heard the clicking of one of the small Transformers. HotShot quickly lifted up the tree only to find a mini-con, quivering in fear. HotShot leaned down to the little transformer.

​        “Hey, I'm not gonna hurt ya,” Hotshot said as he picked the little guy up, “hold on.” HotShot examined the Mini-con. With it's orange color scheme and the way it was shaped, HotShot could have sworn it was his mini-con Jolt, except for one detail. Instead of propellers like what jolt had, this Mini-con had small fairy like wings that were bent out of shape.

       ​“Hold still,” HotShot started to bend the wings back into shape, “I'm no medic, but I know a bit about repairs.” Shaping and molding the wing, the mini-con clicked and squealed for a moment until HotShot was finished.

​        “There, go ahead and give that a go.” he said, extending his servo out. Hesitant, the mini-con didn't want to at first, but at the same time it didn't want to stay in the hands of what could be an enemy.  At first it just hovered over HotShot's hand, but before he knew it, the mini-con was zipping around. The little transformer came back to HotShot and gave him a thank you.

​        “It was nothin, I'd do it for anybody. Well except a decepticon.” HotShot gave the mini-con a smile as it thanked again, but quickly stopped and shuddered with fear.

​        “What's wrong?” HotShot asked, but the mini-con only flew away and hid like the others. HotShot soon saw a shadow fall over him, and he quickly turned around. A seemingly faceless wooden automaton stood towering above him with a green glow to it and a dark aura about it. With a cold stare it clearly did not look pleased with HotShot, as it looked to the fallen tree and back.

​        With a strong sense of fear, HotShot got the impression to take a step back and try to run. With a loud screech the wooden warrior charged at HotShot with deadly speed. HotShot, with little time to think, attempted to block with the Saber Sword, only to have it knocked out of his right servo and out of reach. The force of the hit to his servo caused it to lose its sense and go numb

​        “Scrap!” HotShot said as he jumped back only barely dodging each punch thrown at him by the warrior. Several minutes passed and HotShot started to get weary for dodging, but the wood warrior didn’t seem tired at all. HotShot, failed to dodge properly and with a swift move, the wooden warrior impaled HotShot’s right shoulder allowing the Pink-Purple fluids to pour from the opening. The sting of the wood wasn’t normal, it hurt too bad to be normal. The wooden warrior then forced HotShot to his knees and stared at him.

​        “Hylabot, you have damaged this forest, and now your spark is condemned to the depths of the twilight realm…” The warrior said in a scratchy voice that sounded neither like a male nor female. HotShot tried to look at the wood “thing” as he would describe it, but his vision started blurring and he couldn’t stay focused. The wooden warrior then pulled out its energon covered hand out and watched HotShot fall to the ground.

​        “Foolish bot, this shall be your last moment…” the wood warrior said and kicked HotShot on his side. HotShot senses started to fade, but he didn’t dare try to get up and try to run. The wood warrior then prepared for the final blow when HotShot thought he heard a familiar voice in the distance.

​        I-it couldn’t be… none of the bots here are the same ones I know… fairy warned me about this… this is the end…

​        Everything went dark, Nothing to be heard. It all seemed to end too quickly, and unexpectedly. Thoughts of his pals back at the Autobot base, and memories of those good times with Sideswipe and Jolt. The voice of Fairy kept coming to mind, nudging him to get up Get up…

​        “get up hero! You can’t give up because of a little pain can you!? Please! Get up, get up!” he felt the nudging and pushing of her gentle light.

​        “Hello? Are you awake yet?” A familiar voice said, but it wasn’t Fairies voice, “I really hope you didn’t kill him Vi, hello? Can you hear me?” the nudging turned into soft pushing. HotShot, a bit confused, quietly moaned, hoping whoever it was would stop.

       ​“I was only defending the forest, Makar” The scratchy voice of the wooden warrior was very familiar, and to that he started to open his optics. Still blurry, HotShot tried to focus his optics, but things still looked fuzzy. HotShot then tried to get up, but felt the same painful feeling, only much more mild.

       "What?" HotShot said trying to see things clearly

       "He's awake!" That voice sounded like his pal Sideswipe, "don't be too hasty to get up, my "friend" here didn't mean any harm."

       "Like I'd believe that," HotShot, still trying to focus his optics, tried to feel his surroundings instead, "So... Where am I exactly?"

       "Well, right now you're in my tree house," the Sideswipe wanna be said, "Are you having difficulty seeing?"

       "Maybe... am I not supposed to see anything?" HotShot said, then felt the arm of what seemed to be made of wood, and he quickly pulled his servo away.

       "That was very awkward for both of us Hylabot..." The warrior said. HotShot looked around even though it wasn't any use considering his optics hadn't focused.

       "Here," the sideswipe wanna be grabbed HotShots servo, and gave him a small container, "it's to help focus your optics." HotShot hesitated to take it until he was sure that he found the opening. Once he did though, he took it slowly, only to find it's awful taste.​ the taste made his tank churn, and for a moment he thought about tossing and burning the thing, but he drank it until the sideswipe wanna be told him to stop.

       "What was that?" HotShot asked trying not to gag and hack it back up.

       "Those were deku flowers, I'm surprised you were able to drink as much as you did!" The  wanna be said, "how about now?" HotShot tried focusing his optics again, and pretty soon he was seeing things very clearly

       "I can see just fine now," HotShot looked at the sideswipe wanna be, and he was right, the only difference was the fact that this sideswipe was wearing a funny green hat, "who are you?"

       "Oh, my name's Makar," said the sideswipe look-a-like, "and that's Vilitte, but she mostly goes by Vi." HotShot turned to look at Vi. Surprised to know that it's a girl, but can now see why.

       Vi was a bit short compared to earlier, and her leaf like hair looked at if it could glow. A black strip ran along the green, making the green look like just a highlight. She wore flexible wooden plates the resembled a skirt. Her entire figure was made of wood that smelled like a pine tree, and on her face was a mask with faded colors and a crocked smile

       "You're a fragile Hylabot, but you put up a bigger fight then I thought," Vi said, her mouth didn't move, giving the impression that it was only a mask.

       "I have a name, ya know," HotShot said, "I'm HotShot." Makar then stopped for a moment and looked at Vi. Vi knew what Makar was getting at and Looked away.

       "I noticed you don't have a Hylabot insignia," Makar said, "what are you? Where do you hail from?" HotShot thought for a moment and looked at his right shoulder. It was covered up and bandaged.

       "I... Don't even know where this is..." HotShot sat up and tried to take a look at his shoulder. The stinging feeling was still there.

       "Deku sap was injected into your energon stream, it might take a while for the deku flowers to take effect," Makar said, "you were out for a few days."

       "How long?" HotShot reached for his shoulder and felt the bandage

       "A total of 3 days, you didn't move at all," Makar said, "don't take that off, or the deku sap will stick" HotShot slowly took his servo away from his shoulder and remembered that question Makar asked him

       "I'm an autobot." HotShot said and slowly swung his feet around to the side of the wooden bed he was on

       "An autobot? Vi must have really messed with your processor!" Makar then stood up and took a step back. HotShot tried to stand up and couldn't quite stand up. Makar reached out his servo to HotShot in an attempt to help him up. HotShot grabbed Makars servo and hoisted himself up, his legs was soar and ached when he took a step.

       "No, I really am an autobot, but what are you?" HotShot said as he started to head for the door.

       "I'm the head kokiricon, Makar of the forest as some would say," Makar said as he followed him to the door, and opened the curtain door, "and this is Kokiri Forest" HotShot looked out and simply dropped his jaw at the sight

       I'm definitely not at home...
And thus, I have finished this chapter for you all!

Yes armada sideswipe is Makar

Enjoy and if you find anything (like a typo or something) please let me know!

Legend if Zelda - Nintendo

Transformers - hasbro

Vi, fairy - Mavi-Chaser-SAN

chapter 3 - (coming soon)
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CelloFire Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014
this is amazing

please go on~

SupremeAnimeNinja Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
XD I intend too!

and I put Makar in there cause I knew you liked windwaker

And this is based off of any and all

Mostly ocarina of time

and Majora's mask XD
CelloFire Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014

thank you
SupremeAnimeNinja Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
And I didn't want to call sideswipe "saria"

That would be weird

:icondoctorwhoplz: very weird :iconawesomedoctor-plz:
CelloFire Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014
SupremeAnimeNinja Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
XD... looking back at you're legoless guy, may I put him in this story at some point?

you can say no if you want

just asking
CelloFire Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014
yeah, through him in there!

i've been drawing him a lot recently, it's fun x3
SupremeAnimeNinja Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

Glad you like him!

hope he doesn't have an incomplete personality

did that with SunChaser and found holes in the way he speaks

Little to casual for my likes In my OC

XD now he hates me!


SunChaser:.... Arrowsurge?

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Master-Otkau-Dark Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

Wow that was Awesome! intence moment with Vi rule...don't hit trees.

Love it :icondragontail3:... but what of the saber sword? I saw it got knocked out of his servo was it recovered?...

SupremeAnimeNinja Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You'll find out in chapter 3 what happened to the saber sword!

And yes, don't hit trees or big scary wooden girls will attack you XD 
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